J. W. Morgan, Author

Mysteries from the North Coast

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Deadhead has been one of the best reads in quite some time...and I read a LOT! A wonderful debut thriller/mystery from a talented new writer.
The plot was engaging and I was immediately sucked into the world of Pacific Cove, and the zany and creative people that inhabit a small town. The characters were well developed and I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Doc and the vet and laughed out loud at their antics.
This is a book I highly recommend and can't wait for another Sam Parker installment... AMAZON READER REVIEW


The plot is well contrived and the book becomes a real page turner toward the end. If you like forensic science, the Washington coast, and or music/musicians this is a must read. If you just like murder mysteries you will enjoy it as well... AMAZON READER REVIEW

I enjoyed "Handyman". I've read "Deadhead" as well and they've both been a lot of fun. The short chapters that end with cliffhangers really made it hard to put it down. Good suspense, comedy, and references (Elk Head Brewery is wonderful). Hope you have some more stories to tell, so I can read them....DIRECT VIA EMAIL