J. W. Morgan, Author

Mysteries from the North Coast

Cliff Notes


When does the disappearance of an old friend become an obsession? Can the murder of an innocent eccentric lure you back to a previously abandoned life? For Sam Parker, the answer is: When it becomes personal. In Deadhead, a former forensic microbiologist is catapulted out of retirement when the otherwise quiet Northwestern coastal town of Pacific Cove suddenly experiences a missing person and leads to theft, deceit and gruesome death. Parker, his wife Morgan and friend Doc Biggs are propelled into a labyrinth of misdirection and deceit in an attempt to uncover the truth. For Sam it’s a summer of changed plans. For the residents of Pacific Cove it’s a summer that they will never forget.


When the severed hands of young women begin appearing around the normally sleepy tourist town of Pacific Cove, Sam Parker is called in by the new sheriff for a quick consultation. But after a body is discovered, several mysterious packages are delivered and a friend is taken, the search for the twisted killer intensifies.

Seeking to avoid his past, forensics expert Sam Parker can no longer avoid involvement in the case.  Aided by wife Morgan and Doc Biggs, Sam runs headlong into an extensive quest along Washington’s North Coast. Is the killer a local, a tourist or a newcomer and what is the motive behind the mutilation and death?  For Sam, the pursuit must end before time runs out.